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Improving health… providing innovative solutions… in our lifetime.

Professor Lynne Daniels
Professor Lynne Daniels is researching nutrition and eating habits in very young children.

IHBI - The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation - is a collaborative institute based at QUT, devoted to improving the health of individuals through research innovation.

We combine high quality health research with a commitment to social justice. This means that we do more than develop innovative solutions to health issues. We also apply our solutions to real world experiences to make sure that they are effective. Through our work, we seek to improve the health of individuals and of communities.

IHBI's researchers focus on three broad health areas - prevention; mind and body health; and recovery.

Our researchers are drawn from QUT's Faculty of Health and Science and Engineering Faculty. Our researchers work to:

Our People

IHBI people are experts in health, science and biomedical engineering. IHBI people are innovative. Most importantly, IHBI people are dedicated to making a difference.

IHBI researchers
IHBI researchers Dr Ben Goss, Dr Flavia Huygens and Dr Jonathan Harris.

IHBI is all about people from traditionally independent disciplines working together to solve the health problems that affect Australia and our neighbouring communities

With over 1000 institute members, IHBI draws from a wide base of leading health and biomedical researchers including engineers, physicians, molecular biologists, infectious disease specialists, nurses, psychologists, public health experts, vision scientists, movement physiologists and statisticians.

IHBI has ongoing links with local and interstate hospitals, health care service providers, medical researchers world wide, clinical specialists and industry professionals. IHBI also benefits from QUT’s highly successful track record in commercial partnerships and sustainable biotech companies.

By working with a broad network of health and medical professionals, IHBI believes it is possible to bridge the gap between science and better health for everyone.

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