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Human Health and Wellbeing

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Professor Patsy YatesPatsy_Yates

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Professor Patsy Yates is jointly appointed as Professor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology, and Director for Queensland Health’s Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education, a state-wide service that was established to enhance palliative care services in Queensland through education and research. As Director for the Centre, Patsy leads a range of programs focused on developing workforce capacity in palliative care, researching priority issues in palliative care, and strengthening the nexus between research, policy and practice.

Professor Yates has developed a program of research aimed at improving management of symptoms associated with advanced progressive disease, having undertaken studies evaluating non-pharmacological and behavioural interventions for people with cancer experiencing cancer pain, breathlessness, fatigue and nausea. She was National Chair for the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, and has served as member of the Executive Committee and Council of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee for Palliative Care Australia, the Board of Directors for the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and the Board of the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre.

Publications: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Yates,_Patsy.html


IHBI researchers within this domain are studying the major problems relating to population ageing, health issues in childhood and adolescence, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the need to provide efficient and effective interventions in a variety of health care settings. The researchers in the Human Health & Wellbeing Domain are focused on developing and evaluating interventions that will prevent disease, promote health and well being and improve care. The Human Health & Wellbeing Domain encompasses six main research areas including:


The burden of preventable physical and psychological illness is still unacceptably high despite the success of public health interventions over the past century. Throughout Asia and the Western Pacific an 'epidemic' of preventable chronic disease is evident. In some population sub-groups in Australia, the rates of chronic disease are among the highest anywhere in the world.

Human Health & Wellbeing at IHBI is developing products and service management tools that will be adopted as industry standards in health care for people of all ages. It provides training and support for small businesses by acting as a health service 'broker' and personal health consultant to prepare evidence based healthcare management plans and services

The Human Health & Wellbeing Domain also addresses the increasing demand for patient-centred services delivered outside of the traditional hospital environment by assisting people to better manage their own chronic health problems. Customisation of chronic disease management in this way, by collaborating with a variety of health practitioners in primary care, is the key to reducing the impact of chronic disease.

Find IHBI research project information using the IHBI Research Matrix or view the Human Health and Wellbeing domain research profile.

Human Health and Wellbeing Domain Research Profile

Research Theme Research Programme Research Subprogramme Contacts
Social and Environmental Determinants of Health

AusSun Research Lab
The AusSun Research Laboratory is focused on finding and understanding the varying effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.
Professor David Kavanagh
Professor David Kavanagh from the Human Health and Wellbeing Domain led the development of OnTrack
Professor Lidia Morawska
International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH)  Air quality and its impact on human health Lidia Morawska
AusSun Laboratory Ultraviolet radiation, Vitamin D Michael Kimlin
Ecosystem Change    Shilu Tong
Social Inequalities  (i) The monitoring and surveillance of health inequalities in Australia
(ii) Developing new methods and measurement
(iii) Improving knowledge and understanding of health inequalities
(iv) Investigating policies and interventions to reduce health inequalities
(v) Strengthening Australia’s research capacity and infrastructure as these relate to health inequalities.
Gavin Turrell
Katrina Giskes
Psychological Predictors of Health  / Risk Factors Health Behaviour Katy White
David Kavanagh
Karen Sullivan
Nathan Moss
Ross Young
Esben Strodl
Psychophysiological mediators Esben Strodl
Health Services Research and Policy

IHBI's Health Services Research Team
IHBI's Health Services Research Team: Dr Kate Halton, Dr Adrian Barnett, Associate Professor Nick Graves, Katharina Bolz, and Jingzhou Zhao.
Classification of Disease and Surveillance   Sue Walker 
  Kirsten McKenzie 
Disease Screening    Nick Graves 
Cost effectiveness & Economics Nick Graves
Care and Quality of Care Nurse Practitioner Models Glenn Gardner
Adverse Events in Hospitals  Nick Graves
Service delivery models Mary Courtney
Healthy Ageing 

The IHBI Bodpod
Dr Masaharu Kagawa measures a person's body mass with the Bod Pod.
Promoting and Maintaining Good Health Nutrition in older people Lynne Daniels
Falls prediction and prevention Graham Kerr
Midlife Women's Health  Debra Anderson
Service delivery models Mary Courtney
Metabolic Fitness Body weight and appetite regulation Neil King
Pediatric obesity Andrew Hills
Energy metabolism assessment Nuala Byrne
Chronic Disease and Palliative Care

Professor Helen Edwards
Professor Helen Edwards, Head of QUT's School of Nursing and Midwifery and a wound management researcher
Professor Patsy Yates
Professor Patsy Yates undertakes palliative care research
Chronic Disease Management and Prevention Service delivery models Mary Courtney
Diabetes: Mental Health Esben Strodl
Wounds Helen Edwards
Mary Courtney
Cancer Beth Newman
Patsy Yates
Lymphoedema Sandi Hayes
Cardiovascular Disease Anne Chang
Esben Strodl
Foot and lower limb disorders Lloyd Reed
Movement disorders and Parkinson's disease. Graham Kerr
Palliative Care Service delivery models Patsy Yates
Symptom management and supportive care Patsy Yates
Dementia Dementia Care Elizabeth Beattie
Patient/carer education and knowledge Karen Sullivan
Child and Youth Health

Toddler with an apple
Early childhood nutrition is the focus of IHBI´s ‘Nourish’ program
Child Protection (Public Health perspective) Michael Dunne
Strengthening families Jennifer Fraser
Nutrition in Early Childhood Lynne Daniels   Lynne Daniels
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Dr Renata Meuter
Dr Renata Meuter from the Human Health and Wellbeing Domain
Dr Patricia Obst
Dr Patricia Obst, from the Human Health and Wellbeing Domain's cross-cultural and community psychology research theme.
Dr Karen Sullivan
Dr Karen Sullivan from the Human Health and Wellbeing Domain
Resilience and Wellbeing  Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP) Ian Shochet
Resilience and posttraumatic growth Jane Shakespeare-Finch
Workplace wellbeing Jane Shakespeare-Finch
Ian Shochet
Poppy Liossis
Cross-Cultural and Community Psychology Indigenous Australians, Refugees and Migrants Nigar Khawaja
Renata Meuter
Jane Shakespeare-Finch
Robert Schweitzer
Community Connectedness Trish Obst
Volunteering Katy White
Therapy Process and Outcomes Stress, Anxiety and Depression Nigar Khawaja
Therapeutic Interventions Roger Lowe
Karen Sullivan
Robert Schweitzer
Esben Strodl
Nigar Khawaja
Ian Shochet
Ross Young
Supervision and Professional Practice Karen Sullivan
Robert Schweitzer
Addiction Ross Young
Karen Sullivan
Cognitive Processes, Memory and Language Bilingualism and Multilingualism across the Lifespan Renata Meuter
Reading Development Julie Hansen
Perception Doug Mahar
Monotony and Vigilance Renata Meuter
Perception and Action Graham Kerr
Interpersonal Communication and Relationships Couples Zoe Pearce
Families  Poppy Liossis
Psychometric Assessment Mental capacity and assessments Karen Sullivan
Nigar Khawaja