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Movement Neuroscience

IHBI Gait Laboratory
Associate Professor Graham Kerr (right) and Dr Michael Cole (left) with a patient in IHBI's Gait Laboratory.

The Movement Neuroscience research theme undertakes research examining movement coordination, tremor, postural instability and gait disability in older people, with a focus on people whose movement is impaired by neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease.

IHBI's Movement Neuroscience research team, led by Associate Professor Graham Kerr, utilises IHBI's Gait Laboratory to conduct its research.

The Gait Laboratory is a specialised research facility encompassing a motion analysis system, floor mounted force plates, and specialised technology which enable researchers to analyse a person's motion, movement, and postural stability while walking.

Additional areas of research undertaken by the team include falls prediction and prevention, examining the effects of Deep Brain Stimulation in treating people with Parkinson's disease, essential or orthostatic tremors.

For more information about the Movement Neuroscience research theme please refer to the Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Domain Research Profile.