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IHBI's History

Former Premier The Hon. Peter Beattie MP
Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie MP performs ground breaking of IHBI site in July 2005.

The concept of an internationally competitive, interdisciplinary health and biomedical research institute at QUT was developed in 2001. Collaboration between QUT, Atlantic Philanthropies and the Queensland State Government saw the realisation of a $70 million dollar vision.

IHBI was designed to allow researchers join each other and the community in the quest to overcome the most pressing health issues facing our nation and neighbouring communities.

The creation of IHBI has united the world-class researchers from QUT's faculties of Health, Science and Technology, and Engineering under the banner of innovation and collaboration to make better health a reality in our lifetime.

Since 2001, IHBI has grown from a concept into a reality with the opening of the new research facility in October 2006.

But IHBI's development has not only seen the emergence of a new state-of-the-art facility for Queensland. It has also seen the creation of a new approach to health and biomedical research through the researchers and the communities it has brought together in finding solutions to health problems that affect our lives.

By bringing together Australia's most creative and innovative minds in health, science and biomedical engineering, IHBI research has developed new products and generated new companies to bring our research solutions to the world.