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Professor Peter TimmsProfessor Peter Timms

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Professor Peter Timms is a nationally and internationally renowned microbiologist with specific expertise in the area of Chlamydia. He leads a research team of academic staff, research staff and postgraduate students who are developing new diagnostic procedures and vaccines for chlamydial diseases in humans and animals as well as an improved understanding of chlamydial genetics, biology and pathogenicity.

The quality of his research is evident by his significant competitive funding and extensive publication success with 140 papers, reviews and book chapters published in international scientific journals.

Professor Timms also has significant experience in the commercialisation of biotechnological inventions, both through his successful involvement with the QUT-discovered gene chip technology, which was successfully licenced to Affymetrix, as well as diagnostic applications through the CRC for Diagnostics. He was recognised for his major contributions to the discipline of microbiology in 1998 by winning the prestigious Australian Society for Microbiology Frank Fenner Research Award. Professor Timms is a Fellow of the Australian Society for Microbiology (1994-present).

For more information on Professor Timms, please see his QUT staff profile: http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/timms/

Publications: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Timms,_Peter.html

The Cells and Tissue Domain is closely linked with the Biomedical Sciences Discipline in the Faculty of Health.

The Cells and Tissue Domain encompasses four main research areas including:

The Cells and Tissue member Research Centres:

Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland


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Cells and Tissue Research Profile

Research Theme Research Programme Research Subprogramme Contacts
Infectious Diseases

Professor Peter Timms
Professor Peter Timms, researching vaccine development for Chlamydia
Dr Christine Knox
Dr Christine Knox investigates microorganisms which can cause infertility and prevent couples from falling pregnant
Vaccine Development Chlamydia
QUT Chlamydia Research Program

Peter Timms

Adam Polkinghorne

Ken Beagley
Flaviviruses John Aaskov
Molecular Bacteriology and Virology Chlamydia Peter Timms

Adam Polkinghorne

Ureaplasma Christine Knox
RNA Viruses John Aaskov
Population Biology and Diagnostics Dengue Viruses  John Aaskov
Bacterial Genotyping, Antibiotic Resistance and DNA diagnostics Flavia Huygens
Bacterial Pathogenesis and Proteases

Willa Huston


Peter Timms

Adam Polkinghorne

Tissue Repair and Regeneration (Wound Healing)

Dr Erin Rayment, Danielle Borg and Gemma Topping from the Cells & Tissue Domain
IHBI PhD graduate Dr Erin Rayment, and Research Assistants Danielle Borg and Gemma Topping from the Cells and Tissue Domain
Fibroblast cells migrating from the edge of a wound
Fibroblast cells migrating from the edge of a wound. Photographer: Dr Simone Rizzi
Dermal Wound and Tissue Repair and Regeneration Zee Upton
Cartilage, Connective Tissue and Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration David Leavesley
Tony Parker
Stem Cells Zee Upton
David Leavesley
Polymer Chemistry/Biomaterials Graeme George
Tim Dargaville
Mathematical Modelling of Tissue Repair Sean McElwain
Graeme Pettet
Mechanisms Underlying Cell Migration and Growth Zee Upton
David Leavesley
Novel Protein Therapeutics Gary Shooter
Cancer Research Program

Professor Judith Clements
Professor Judith Clements, Leader of IHBI's Cancer Research Program
ADAM 10 Protease  Judith Clements
Adrian Herington
Ghrelin and Growth Factors  Lisa Chopin
Kallikrein Proteases  Judith Clements
Molecular and Cell Biology (Molecular Diagnostics)  Judith Clements
Prostate Cancer Colleen Nelson

Melanoma and Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer Laboratory

Pamela Pollock

Genome Stability Group Derek Richard
Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland

Professor Colleen Nelson
Professor Colleen Nelson, the QUT Chair of Prostate Cancer Research

Prostate Cancer

The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland

Colleen Nelson

Heart Research


Human Heart Failure Peter Molenaar